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Sweet Tooth Box (HUF 939/pc)

14 sweet dietetic servings


Choose this package if you love sweet, indulgent flavours. A really practical choice to kickstart your lifestyle change, as you get 14 delicious sweet shakes to replace your main meals on 14 occasions. You will receive the products in a practical paper box that can be used as a storage box after dismantling at the perforation. But there’s even more! Now, inside the package, you’ll also find a lifestyle programme INFO GUIDE.

Just watch—in a matter of days, your body will react to the reduced calorie intake. Allow the prepared drink to stand for a few minutes, and it will thicken into a delightful pudding. Enrich it with fruit or seeds, and you have a healthy breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner.

Our recommendation: The DotsDiet sweet shakes become a delightful winter delicacy when enjoyed hot.

You can further support the effectiveness of the process by including active movement, massage, and sauna sessions. Explore our magazine for a glimpse into Dots-lifestyle tips. Consume half a litre of water or DotsDiet lemon-flavoured drink powder half an hour after enjoying the sweet shake. This ensures the optimal fibre effect and a sense of complete satiety.

- Dairy-free, lactose-free

- Preservative-free

- Soy-free (except for the chocolate flavour)

- Free of sodium glutamate

- Contains only traces of gluten

- Supports dietetic use