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About me

I am Dr. G. KISS Orsolya, a physician, family doctor, clinical pharmacologist and nutritionist, and my main interest is research on active substances.

As a woman and mother, I have occasionally been struggling with extra pounds, and therefore I decided to develop for my clients and myself a dietary support system that helps us shed those extra pounds while supporting our health. In addition, with four children to care for and a constant commute between my practices, I often did not have time to sit down to my main meals.

This was the reason why I developed a quick, dietary and healthy solution using fibre as a superfood - and this is how the concept of DotsDiet was born.

My own lactose intolerance prompted me to use vegan ingredients as a base, while trying to include as few allergenic ingredients as possible. Besides, I also consider the role of vitamins in my diet to be extremely important, so it was obvious for me that I should fortify the products with vitamins. I also wanted to take care of those following a sugar-free diet, and therefore the products were flavoured with natural sweeteners - because I wanted to focus on the enjoyment value as well as the effectiveness. To create the flavours for DotsDiet, I asked for the contribution of an executive chef with extensive experience.
It was also a conscious decision that our products should be developed in Hungary and then placed on the shelves of stores after being produced by Hungarian manufacturers.
Join me in creating a healthier, more energetic lifestyle, or even one that supports a dietary regime! I warmly recommend DotsDiet products! They are perfect for you!