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LIFESTYLE CHANGE is easier with our fiber-based, "kilogram-cutting" diet meals!
You quickly achieved a slim fit shape WITHOUT STARVING!

I am Orsolya Dr G Kiss!

I warmly welcome you to the DotsDiet site!
Congratulations, you have already taken the first step towards a healthier life and you are here with us!

As a woman, as a mother, I have been faced with unnecessary extra kilos several times, so I decided to develop a diet support system for you and me, which supports our health and helps to cut off the extra kilos.

I have designed foods that I can practically incorporate into my life in the constant rush of everyday life - with my four children to attend to and the constant commuting between my clinics - I have no time for quality nutrition, they can be prepared quickly, they are nutritious and they are also delicious. This is how I put together the DotsDiet concept, the main guiding principle of which was the very high fiber content.

My own lactose intolerance prompted me to use vegan ingredients as ingredients, and I tried to include as few allergens as possible, but as many vitamins as possible. I also paid attention to those following a sugar-free diet, so the products were flavored with natural sweeteners.

Join me in creating a healthier, more energetic lifestyle that even supports a diet!

Why fibre? Fibre taken into the body

The fiber in the body can bind carbohydrates, thus supporting weight loss;
binds water, thereby saturates and thus helps to reduce the feeling of hunger
calorie-free, thus contributing to weight loss.

We are proud that DotsDiet products are recognised by the international profession!

Our Diet Hazelnut and Chocolate flavoured shake has been awarded the gold star of Superior Taste Award
In 2023, our dietary FIBER BAR salted caramel flavored fiber bar won the recommendation of the plant-based innovation award of the FOODBEV Awards in the category of plant-based functional products
The fittest fiber-based product line of the year Just Clear Award
"You most often ask me how I keep myself in shape...My solution is the DotsDiet."

Babett Köllő

actress, public figure
"And the chocolate….? My God! If you have already eaten delicious!"

Sylvi Bódi

"I immediately tried their tomato soup as soon as the package arrived... In addition to being rich in fiber and ready in 1 minute, it makes a divinely delicious dinner when topped with a little cheese."

Viki Singh

singer, actress
"I always have a bag of DotsDiet shakes or fiber bars in my bag."

Anna Decker

Developer of New Pilates by AD
"I like dots diet shakes because they add structure to my meals, and they can also be prepared quickly and are extremely healthy"

Flóra Senánszky

"Shape-friendly fiber-rich pancakes, filling and healthy shakes are my new favorite sweets. Try them, they are divine!"

Cintia Batik-Horváth

"Pancakes are my favorite. Drizzled with a chocolate shake, it's delicious."

Zafír Novák

IFBB Hungarian Champion, Miss World Hungary 2nd place 2023
"The slice of lemon cheesecake is very delicious, I can eat it on the go and it fills me up completely."

Lilla Csasztvan

fitness model
"Delicious and very practical. I like."

Virág Horváth

"I wish I had known Dotsdiet sooner, I could have been even prettier for my wedding- verified

Sz. Viktória

It worked really well for me, I recommend it! It's delicious and easy to make, it's been my breakfast
and dinner for weeks, I can already see the results, which can be measured in centimeters

Tokai Tünde

"My girlfriend drew my attention to dots diet . I was a bit hesitant to order, as I was not familiar with this product. I can only congratulate on the flavors, I have already ordered my second box. Thank you, my kilos are going down! I congratulate the developers from the bottom of my heart. They have created great flavors!"

A. Fruzsina


When should I consume DotsDiet shakes?

You can replace practically any meal with shakes that support the DotsDiet diet. Because they can be prepared quickly and easily, you can take Dots shakes with you wherever you go. You will also learn about our extra tips if you browse our magazine.

What should I dilute DotsDiet shake base powders with?

Sweet shakes mixed with milk, vegetable milk or even natural yoghurt can be turned into a delicious and nutritious, filling treat, while savoury ones make a super soup when mixed with hot water.

How does DotsDiet prevent hunger pangs?

The water-soluble fibres can absorb up to 15 times their own weight when mixed with any liquid, turning into a jelly-like mass. Therefore, the advantage of a fibre-based diet is that it slows down the passage of food through the small intestine, ensuring a feeling of fullness.

To what extent does DotsDiet support weight loss?

DotsDiet shakes will contribute significantly to your slimming process, as you will only be consuming around 130 Kcal when replacing your main meal with them. Compare that with the calories in an average meal, and you have the answer! But the real diet-supporting power of DotsDiet shakes lies in their dietary fibre content, which you can read about in our answer to the question “How does DotsDiet prevent hunger pangs?” if you wish to understand more details.

Is medical supervision necessary while being on a diet?

If you are healthy, you do not need medical supervision to start your Dots diet. If you suffer from any underlying medical conditions, we recommend that you consult your doctor before ordering our products.

What do I need to know about online shop delivery?

Your order will be delivered to you by courier in 2-3 working days. You can pay by credit card, bank transfer or cash on delivery. For orders over HUF 15,000, delivery is free of charge. If you are ordering from abroad, please confirm your order at or call +3630/983-0817 to provide details.

Can people with diabetes and insulin resistance consume the products?

Yes, because we do not use sugar in our products: our sweet shakes are made with stevia and erythritol, and our savoury shakes are made with fructose. Our product specifications also include detailed information on carbohydrates. On the other hand, a fibre-rich diet is highly recommended in the case of diabetes. You can also read about this topic in our magazine.

Can I consume the products during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Yes, but you need to take into consideration that our cream cheese shake contains chilli extract and our cocoa coffee flavoured sweet shake contains caffeine.

What consistency can I expect?

If you mix the base powder with water in a shaker, you will obtain a thinner consistency, while if you mix it with milk or vegetable milk, you can expect a much creamier consistency. Sweet shakes, if prepared with a little less liquid and allowed to stand for about 20 minutes, are also great for filling cakes, similarly to custard. Because the fibres absorb moisture intensively, if you let the product stand before consumption, it will become progressively thicker.

Why is it necessary to drink fluids after consuming DotsDiet shake?

Drink a minimum of 0.5 L of liquid in small doses 20 to 30 minutes after consuming the shake to allow the fibre, which is the core of the DotsDiet regime, to work its magic. Also read our answer to the question “How does DotsDiet prevent hunger?” to understand the details. If you don’t want to drink water, have some of our lemon drink powder!

Are the shakes safe in case of food intolerance?

If you are lactose intolerant, dairy protein intolerant or gluten intolerant, you still can safely consume DotsDiet vegan products. The shakes contain 20-50 mg/kg of gliadin and glutenin.

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